by bird feet

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recorded as part of the RPM challenge in various hotel rooms in India, just me and my ukelele on garageband.


released March 8, 2017

everything performed, written, and produced by Kimberly Edgar AKA Bird Feet during the month of february in various hotels in India; only one verse of one song existed before february 1st 2017.

Thanks to my partner Juneau for remaining silent/patient while I recorded. Shoutout to the autorickshaw horn hidden in one of the tracks!



all rights reserved


bird feet Dawson, Yukon

I rolled out of a nest fully formed

I live in Dawson City

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Track Name: wanderer's song
even if you try
you'll never see it all
best to take your time
get to know a smaller piece
than shallowly skim the edge
of a surface that you'll never know
Track Name: sick and tired
Do you ever hate the sound of your own voice?
Do you ever get sick and tired of your own face?
You're not alone
You're not alone.
Track Name: chains
how nice it would be to escape my bleak mind
open up my skull and leak everywhere
I could melt into the pavement, the manhole, and the street
I could dust over everything if I wasn't chained to me
Track Name: hollow bones
inside her hollow bones she keeps
a finger on her spine
breath on her neck
a hug from behind

inside her hollow bones she keeps
her dusty jewels and gold
her faded photographs
her scariest of ghosts

inside her hollow bones she builds
a temple and a shrine
a city and a river
a place to rest her eyes
Track Name: train wreck
if this train derails
maybe they'll never know
how I held your head in my lap

newspapers won't comment on
the softness of your body
while you sleep

Maybe they won't talk about
how you'd drop your hand
from the top berth
and I held it, squeezed it
to let you know you aren't alone

But these actions send ripples
and if this train derails
our love will dissipate
and settle like a dust
into the trees and the sidewalks
and the fields
to be picked up, picked up, picked up.
Track Name: queen of the forest
I used to grab the bull by the horns
now I'm the bull
being jostled around by things
that are outta my control

I once was the queen of the forest
now there are things that are hunting me
I'm not used
used to this
this paradigm shift