by bird feet

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recorded at home in my bedroom with basically zero knowledge about recording. Thanks to my pals who gave me critiques and generally supported my efforts. <3


released August 19, 2015

photo by bird feet. All instruments and vocals and everything is also by bird feet, aka kimberly edgar.



all rights reserved


bird feet Dawson, Yukon

I rolled out of a nest fully formed

I live in Dawson City

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Track Name: Own Universe
The less you're in love, the more you can say,
maybe that's why, I'm rendered speechless.
your face next to mine makes my soul want to burst
maybe that's why my tongue is a desert

the bones in your face are an elegant thing
your nimble strange mind more elegant still
you hold my hands and remind me to breathe,
you whisper softly when I'm in a panic

and we hold hands and stand high above the town
we dance like barbarians and tear through the house
we look up at the lights that bloom across the sky
we are our own universe just you and I.

and I never wanted to be this in love
because I'm afraid of how much it hurts
when you lose a lover to breakup for death
everything beautiful in this world ends

but I'm throwing myself in headfirst this time
because I believe that you are worth it
some people think falling in love is a mistake
but you're the best mistake that I've ever made
Track Name: Laced with it
Don't cry little bird

they can take away your friends
they can take away your dignity
they can take away your memories
they can take away your breath

but the love you felt once, it
feels like such a long time ago
its woven into your hollow bones
your soul is laced with it

don't cry little bird

its hidden deep behind your eyes
its been such a while since
you've felt that sparkle but with every flap of your
tiny wings

you stir the air and in that air
there is a trace amount
of the love you once felt
exhaled with your breath
Track Name: Second Growth Forest
I am a second growth forest
At a distance I look stoic
but rats scurry over roots
and birds nest in the trees
and a deers corpse is stripped of its flesh
by time, and flies, and sunlight

is found within
Track Name: February
I tasted the air and it tasted like ice
the dominant colour of winter is white
I stayed in too long and now I don't feel right
the sunlight returns after too long a night


I sleep with my curtains opened at night
the echoes of moonlight seep into my room
when my eyes adjust, I can see faintly
the outline of objects etched into the gloom

The northern lights look like sinew unravelled
or caribou marching across a black sky
the people they walk swaddled in parkas
with nothing left visible except their eyes

I feel myself freezing I feel myself slipping
I feel myself drawn to the bleak solitude
Others they sink in liquor and gold dust
but I find intoxicants ruin my mood

'Cause I like the silence I like the sunset
I like the ice fog that blurs the whole town
the quiet commune with the dust on my dresser
is how I pass winter how I'm still around
Track Name: Ghost
I'm a ghost in this town
in these streets

and I look, I look for you
but you're not here

And I wonder how you've changed,
you're still the same

And my life is somewhere else
I've gone away

And I've grown to greater size
And I don't fit

Through the lenses of your eyes
I can see

A vacant consuming stare
You're not there.